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18th August 2017
a website that doesn’t stand around
24th February 2017


Custom themed WordPress website

This WordPress website was designed by Paul @ Yellow Jersey. It was one of our most challenging websites to date. Not only did we have to create a custom responsive grid, we had to create different theme colours based on the section of the website being viewed. There was also different logo colours based on those sections.


Alongside the colour theme challenge, there were also different partner links featured at the foot of each section.

The design itself was completely different to anything we’d seen, making this a responsive site was going to be a challenge for sure.


Another great feature was in the case studies and news areas, we colour coded the articles based on the subject matter, this allows the user to visually filter the news they want to read.

Although this project was a very big challenge, it was enjoyable to work on. We rose to the challenge and created a website that is completely unique.


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