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29th October 2018
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3rd July 2018


Atomic built EGE Commodities a brand, within six months the client list includes Wagamamas & Nestle and they've expanded from one to twenty branded vans on the road.

We get excited when asked to design a new brand, imagine our elation when we were asked to design four, for the same company. This project was perfect for our brand designers. The company is split into four parts, a main holding company, a B2B eCommerce website, commodities trading company and a brand information site.

The company is set up so that corporate investors and large companies are directed to the main company holding website, this displays corporate messaging and information.


There is a B2B eCommerce website where pubs, restaurants and fast food chains can order cooking oils, ancillary products and cleaning products. The idea is that for every customer that purchases virgin cooking oil, the used oil is collected and cash paid on collection.

To support the cleaning products a new cleaning product brand was created and a website to support it.


The final part of the puzzle was creating the commodities trading website, this is aimed at refineries and trading companies. The company takes the used cooking oils, refines them and sells them as a commodity completing the cycle.


Atomic created every part of this brand, we designed the brand identity, websites, brochures, flyers, workwear, business cards, headed paper, vehicle graphics and we even purchased and installed a new computer network.


In less that a year the company has gone from an idea to twenty branded collection vans on the road with 30 more vans planned within the next six months. The website has aided the company to secure contracts with major brands including Nestle and Wagamamas.

That's creating brand impact


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