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26th February 2019
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15th November 2018


Creating a custom website

Designed by Paul @ Yellow Jersey Design, Atomic Agency provided the technical know how to convert this stunning design into a custom WordPress website.


What makes this website so special?

For the first time we got to use CSS Grid on a website layout. The customer wanted to be able to choose a unique layout for each of the content pages so the site looked fresh and not repetitive, avoiding flat columns like most masonry grids.

The customer also specified that they didn't want to have to learn a new system or program to achieve the look as they are a busy business.

We made it very easy for the customer by coding 5 different grid layouts and providing a simple "select layout option" from the WordPress admin page. The customer only needs to add the images and text to complete a page quickly.

Each of the grid layouts demonstrated below.


Added to the complication of the unique grid areas, the customer wanted to display information about each content section without trashing the images with text, so we created some custom flip boxes to solve the problem.

You will see a demonstration of this in the video below.


The website is also responsive so it looks amazing regardless of the device it's being viewed from.



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