How do I make my website visible to search engines?

There are many technical reasons your website may not be favoured by search engines, this could be down to poor website code, a website that isn’t mobile friendly, content that isn’t relevant to the key subject and the list could go on.

Atomic have the technical and marketing skills to help your business find success online, we’re also Google Partners for search, AdWords and Shopping.

To understand how to get your website visible to search engines you need to claim your free SEO website report.

Organic Search

Obtaining the highest organic search position is achieved by carefully researching keywords, this combined with easy to read relevant content and good quality page descriptions will improve your Pagerank.

Organic search optimisation is not a quick fix solution, it takes time and investment. Atomic offer pay-monthly packages for 6 or 12 month organic search optimisation service from £45.00 per month.

Our prices vary depending on the number of pages in your website and how your website is programmed.

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Rocket your SEO results with Atomic Agency

Atomic Agency are Google Partners for Search, AdWords and Shopping

Atomic Agency - Google Partner Status

Paid Search (PPC, AdWords, Remarketing)

Atomic Agency are Google Partners for paid advertising. We are able to manage your Adwords campaigns, whether you are new or an experienced company. We can create your entire plan from budgeting, ROI, Google Merchant Centre through to ad delivery and targeted audiences.

With Adwords you can drive a wider audience through paid search, display ads and re-marketing techniques. If you’re keen to appear at the top of the Google search results, you can pay for advertising.

(what we measure)

Keyword search volume – how many times each targeted keyword is used

Bounce Rate – reduce the % rate of bounces

Page Visitors – increase

Page Visits – increase

Number of Pages per visitor

% return visitors – high

Watch Items

Top entry page

Top exit page

Define goals – record sales funnel

In this example “Sports Shoe” was the search request entered into Google, the Ad appears above the organic listings and is marked “Ad”.

This is a great way to get your company name at the top of Google listings if you’re a start-up company and Google hasn’t fully listed your site yet.

Long-term, organic listings will give you better results and the best return on investment.