Making your business grow

Atomic have developed a unique 6-step marketing strategy that will enable your business growth.

By breaking the process down into 6 steps enables Atomic to create a full picture of your business, showing what your dreams, aspirations and objectives are for the future, current performance and how to align your brand through creative design.

From here a new direction is created in a marketing campaign to deliver on your newly aligned brand image. The final step is to measure the results and as with all marketing campaigns, adjust and go again.

Step 1 – Setting Ambitions & Objectives

So where do you want to be? Step 1 discovers your 5 W’s and establishes your budgets.

1. WHO




5. WHY

At this first step we establish your budget. This needs to be split in two..

how much you can invest on your programme

how much can you spend on delivering your message. (marketing spend).

Achieving Results Requires Commitment

Have you heard of Coca Cola? How about Pepsi? Of course you have!!

In fact it’s estimated that around 94% of the World population know Coca Cola.

And this comes at a price, Coca Cola spend around $3 billion per year on marketing and Pepsi around $2 billion.

We’re not saying you have to cut your own throat to create a marketing spend, but the point is simple, to get noticed you’ll need to commit to a budget and stay committed to it for at least 12-months.

When you join Atomic, we help you work your budget to maximise results for every penny you spend.

Step 2 – Current Review & Report

Step 2 is a where a brand review is completed. From this review we establish where you company currently sits compared to where you want to be.

A complete brand audit is done, this is then provided to you as a report.

We Establish:

  • History
  • Competency
  • Mission
  • Market Orientation
  • Organisation
  • Reputation
  • Stability
  • Complete Brand Audit

Step 3 – Forward Strategy & Planning

Now we know for sure where you are and where you want to be, step 3 includes brainstorming sessions. Discussing creative ideas and suitable channels (places where we can push your message i.e. Social Media etc).

The report in step 2 will identify areas of design and messaging improvement which will help you achieve your 5 W’s within the proposed budget and timeline.

We establish:

  • Brand personality
  • Persona
  • Ideal client description
  • Customer insight
  • Customer survey
  • Vision statement
  • Define USP
  • Key objectives

A typical strategy will plan out all activity for 12-months. At Atomic our programmes can last for 3, 6 or 12-months.

Step 4 – Creative Design Input

In Step 4 it is important to put into place the design changes identified in step 3. These could be simple website adjustments or adding a work uniform for employees etc.

We also create the new assets ready to deliver.

Logo design

Step 5 – New Campaign Delivery

Now everything is in place, it’s time to put the strategy into play. Delivering your campaign across the desired channels.

Step 6 – Campaign Analysis


Once delivered it’s time to record the outcome. We provide a comprehensive report as agreed in step 1.

Outcomes can vary, at this stage we analyse the campaign and adjust. Marketing is an iterative process, we deliver, monitor, adjust, deliver, monitor, adjust. You get the idea.

marketing insight & analysis