digital discovery

Digital Discovery is designed to give you the upper hand over your competition, whilst giving you a better return on your marketing investment. It is split into three phases.

 1: Discovery – we research and report on current digital marketing and its effectiveness. To identify your current direction.
2: Competitor Analysis – We see how your company compares side by side with your top 3 competitors. This helps to see how your company stacks up against competition both visually and technically.
3: Future Strategy – the results of the report will shape the future with a bespoke digital marketing strategy.
Website digital marketing analytics

If you’re responsible for marketing in a small to medium sized business you’ll be under pressure to deliver more with less.

The time and resource constraints you face may make it difficult to measure and manage your marketing performance.

As digital technology disrupts the marketplace, what worked for you before may not be as effective today because of buyer behaviour and market changes.

But how will you know?

Our Digital Discovery package is a cost-effective solution aimed at getting to grips with what’s working, what’s not and where the gaps are in your current marketing activities.

How will Digital Discovery help my business?

Defines your actual USP (unique selling point – this is what you do that your competition doesn’t)

Defines your target customer

Identifies what’s working and what isn’t with current marketing activity

Establishes a goal or target, measuring the effectiveness of your future marketing

Digital Discovery is analysis of your direct competition, this helps you understand your market better and find potential opportunities

Restructures your future activity to make you more effective

Identifies any branding areas that require attention. For example an out of date logo compared to competitors or a non mobile friendly website.

Digital Discovery

What’s working and what’s not?

Digital Discovery is process that combines reporting and open conversation to assess your current marketing activities. We’ll discuss how effective these activities are and the reasons you have for doing them.

During the process there are 4 key areas we take into account, website, social media, current marketing material and your marketing process. As detailed below:

Here’s how we break the discovery process into four key areas:




User experience

Results and engagement

Social media channels:




Results and engagement

Current marketing material and activities:




Results and engagement

Marketing processes:

Lead management

Email marketing

KPIs and metrics

Results and engagement

Competitor analysis of top three competitors 

We will place your company side by side against your top three competitors for comparison across branding, web and social

Branding and identity compared with yours

Website presence and search engine page results (SERP)

Social channels including likes followers and examples of posted content

Size and scope of their company

Future Strategy

What channels to target to get the best return on your investment.

Brand improvements across customer touch points, how you’re perceived by your customers is key.

Social media strategy, a guide to how and where you should be posting to reach your target customers.

Website marketing strategy, identifying areas of improvement to usability and experience.

Content strategy, is the voice of your content consistent with the target customer and market, not using technical jargon the customer will not understand.

Email marketing strategy, are you collecting data, how are you using data and is it compliant.

Digital Discovery is an important first step to improving your online presence. It helps you understand what’s working and how to improve your return on investment.