5 reasons your company needs Digital Discovery

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20th April 2017
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5th February 2019

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” (James Baldwin – Novelist).

This quote sums up perfectly what Digital Discovery is about. The article below gives you an overview of our Digital Discovery service and the top five reasons your company should be using it.

1. Defines your USP

USP stands for unique selling point (or proposition), this is what you do that your competition does not. For some it might be obvious,  you could have a niche product / market but for others it may not be so obvious.

Why is this important? To make a product or service stand out from the competition, you need something that’s different, a reason for the customer to choose you and not them.

2. Defines your Target Customer

To target your sales pitch effectively, you need to know whom you’re aiming it at. Drew Davis said ” You can’t be everything to everyone, but you can be something to someone”.

Why is this important? By knowing your customer, you know where they hang out and how to write content that appeals to them. For example, you shouldn’t attempt to use urban slang on silver surfers, but it’s peng if you’re targeting a younger generation. By targeting your “specific” customer it means you can focus your efforts to increase the return on investment (that’s how much £££ profit is returned against how much £££ is spent).

3. Identifies what’s working and what isn’t with current marketing activity

Marketing is a measured activity. Digital marketing is by far the most effective at measuring. A website can use Google Analytics, emails have tracking metrics and even social media has reach and engagements. There isn’t another form of marketing where data is so easily obtained.

What matters is how it is used, interpreted and presented. Ask yourself… How often do you look at your website analytics data? How do you compare this data to your industry? How can you tell if you’re performing well?

4. Establishes a goal or target

We’ve written another article about goals called start with the end in mind. Just a quick recap… Setting goals that are SMART Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time Bound means your company has a quantifiable specific goal that can be measured.

5. Competitor Analysis

Point 3 brings up how do you compare to others in your market, well Digital Discovery gives a complete competitor analysis of your top 3 competitors. This is a massive part of the service. We will research your competition and present our findings back to you so you can see how you compare side by side. This includes everything from branding, website, social (look and feel as well as followers and engagements) and search engine results page comparison.

Why is this important? Presuming you actually read points 1 & 2 above, competitor analysis tests your USP against the competition to see how it stands up. It identifies any gaps in the market that may create opportunities for your business.


If the five points above aren’t enough to convince you, here’s the sweetener. Digital Discovery comes complete with a future digital marketing proposal. Demonstrating what channels to target to get the best return on investment, what brand improvements you need to make across customer touch points.

A social media strategy guide to how and where you should be posting to reach your target customers.

A website marketing strategy to identify areas of improvement to usability and experience.

An overview of your current content to check your content is consistent with the target customer and market and making sure it isn’t using technical jargon the customer will not understand.

To find out more about Digital Discovery, please view our page Digital Discovery or email hello@atomicagency.co.uk